Exciting Changes!

Hello friends! What do you think of my new navy blue EventWorks jacket? I haven’t posted anything since September of 2021 and sooooo much has happened since then and I want to share that with you in case you haven’t heard the exciting news yet!h

Last year Darrin and I started a journey down a road we weren’t quite sure where it would lead us. This journey started in February when we were approached by a pretty amazing rental company that were interested in potentially acquiring us. Of course, Darrin and I were flattered as we knew the company that we had started 13 years ago had blossomed into something pretty incredible and other people out there were recognizing that about OWPR as well. We had definitely built something pretty amazing with the help of many talented and dedicated employees along the way during the past 13 years!

But this journey wasn’t something that we took lightly. We knew that this was an opportunity that we had to carefully check out ourselves and do lots of research on before any decisions could be made to move forward. We spent 11 months of 2021 looking into the EventWorks brand and after many visits and conversations with them and looking at most of the 7 stores they already had in operation at the time, Darrin and I signed all the paperwork and sealed the deal on December 31, 2021!

So, what’s next you ask? Darrin and I are staying on working for Event Works doing the same things we were doing before. Darrin will serve as the EventWorks Director of Client Relations and I will serve as the General Manager. We love doing what we do and we love the Orlando wedding and event community and we are here to continue to serve you in the same capacity we were before. Our goal has always been and will continue to be to do whatever it takes to make sure that our clients and our vendors are getting the best possible customer service and products available in town!

Oh, and what about that cute Golden Retriever PJ? Well, he has decided to stay on with Event Works as well and he still loves coming up to the office to show his love and support every opportunity he can get to do so!

I look forward to seeing many of you whenever you come into the office and at various networking events in the coming months and I am even more excited to be able to share with you all very soon some pretty awesome new products that we now have available to offer!

Thanks everyone for your support for Darrin and I and for our team at OWPR! We are so grateful for all the kindness and support you have shown us these past 13 years! Love you all and can’t wait to see you soon!